Our company is still in its infancy, but Innomentarium has behind it decades of experience in both the international health technology sector and Finnish healthcare. It has experience in collaborating with international health technology companies, sales and marketing in various sectors, work on a variety of boards of directors, and financing related to shareholder equity and loan capital. Our specialists are familiar with technology and equipment in a large variety of health technologies ranging from patient measurements, operating theaters, in-vitro diagnostics, and X-ray, MRI, and CT equipment to gamma cameras, cyclotrons, and manufacturing of radioactive markers. Now we want to offer this robust experience to you—a healthcare professional who surely knows how to utilize it to your benefit.

Jouni Ihme – The measure of the man


  • Internationalization
  • Growth
  • Financing
  • Ownership restructuring
  • Business operation procurement
  • Board work
  • Ownership strategy
  • Implementation of strategy



My most interesting work experience has been the time I have spent with Innokas Medical from 1994 to 2013 as its founder and Managing Director. The business included its own products for electro-surgery, patient incubating, and physiotherapy, as well as contract-based design and manufacturing of medical devices as a B2B service. My journey with Innokas included the start-up phase of the Healthtech company through navigating the death-valley curve in 1994–2000, stabilizing the company’s business strategy in 2000–2005 focusing only on contract design and manufacturing, and finally seeing a strong growth curve—from €3 million in 2005 to €23 million and more than 200 employers in 2013. My experience with Innokas included the widest range of management of international Healthtech business with great customers, a huge staff, and committed private shareholders, public funding associations, business angels, and venture capital investors.


My several positions of trust have built a wide network among healthcare professionals, public funders, investors, and Healthtech companies. The most demanding representation has been membership on the board of the Finnish Healthtech Association FiHTA since 2001, chairmanship in 2008–2013, and membership on the chairman committee since 2013. Other positions include board membership in the Oulu Wellness Institute OWI 2008–2012, the Regional Advisory Board of Finnvera 2010–2013, the Entrepreneurship Committee of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries since 2011, and the Council of External Relations of the University of Oulu from 2012 on.


I went through excellent grammar school in medical business before establishing Innokas Medical while at Instrumentarium Corp. Datex in 1989–1993. As a young and green engineer, my time at Datex included positions as a Product Development Engineer, Production Engineer, and Production Manager.


I have a BSc degree in engineering from Oulu Polytechnic (1990) and Matriculation Examination from Sixth Form of Pudasjärvi (1983).


I have been married since 1985 to my patient and understanding wife, Mrs. Anu Ihme having in our family two wonderful girls, -86 and -88, and two great boys, -89 and -98. My leisure time interests nowadays include—whenever possible—playing the guitar and singing rhythm & blues music in the Wonder Bros. band, running the Kiimingin Kiekko-Pojat C1 -98 junior ice-hockey team as a team leader, building a cottage in Pudasjärvi by the Livojoki River, and exercise like skiing, running, and chopping wood in my own forest.


I was born March 18th, 1963, in Pudasjärvi, Finland.

Matti Olsen – The measure of the man


  • Sales work among healthcare service providers
  • International trade
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Business operation management (eMBA)



I was previously employed by the Diagnostic Imaging (DI) unit of GE Healthcare’s Finnish organization in 2001–2013. I was the customer-oriented sales manager in Northern Finland. I was also in charge of sales of Molecular Imaging (MI) products in Finland and Estonia. My product palette at GE was diverse, ranging from X-ray, MRI, and CT equipment to gamma cameras, cyclotrons, and manufacturing of radioactive markers.


While at GE, I was able to form very good relationships with customers in the Finnish healthcare sector—including both specialists and users. The significance of customer relationships in sales work can never be overemphasized. Naturally, good products are a “must”.


A have been married to my wife, Päivi, a doctor, since 1987. We have two precious daughters, born in 88 and 89. I take care of my physical health by being physically active. I go jogging and skiing and I work out at a fitness center. During my free time I keep abreast with world events through whatever material or media which happens to be available.


I took my Master’s degree from the University of Oulu in 1979. My main subject was physics. I matriculated from Pello Upper Secondary School in 1970. I completed the eMBA degree program at the University of Oulu in 1992. I have last attended school when I completed a training program in international trade arranged by the Employment and Economic Development Office 25.11.2013–13.6.2014.


I was born in Pello on 17.9.1951. As a physicist, I must mention that in the same year John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton received the Nobel Prize in Physics for building the first cyclotron. In sports, the world was amazed by Tauno Luiro’s new world record in ski jumping, 139 m, in Oberstdorf.

Jouni Rajavaara – The measure of the man

Jouni Rajavaara

  • Production
  • Processes
  • Quality
  • Lean
  • Organizations
  • Operative management
  • Change management
  • Coaching of superiors
  • HR

Jouni Rajavaara


I have worked with my current boss over 15 years, already. Although I have a well-rounded education and have held a variety of different jobs, the tasks that Jouni has entrusted me with have finally made me the specialist I am today. My previous workplace was Innokas Medical Oy, where I started working in 2001. It was truly interesting and challenging to be transforming a small company into a significant health technology actor. Initially I worked in research and development and quality management, but I gradually moved toward production tasks. During the last years I was the Operative Manager responsible for manufacturing services in Finland and Estonia. I was also the Managing Director of one of the group’s subsidiaries.


I have always been a proponent of lifelong learning. While I was working as a vocational teacher I needed to update my education, and so in addition to working I began pursuing an IT engineering degree in Raahe. I continued my studies at the University of Oulu also while working and took a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management in 2010. The topic of my Master’s thesis was “Development of a balanced meter system to support strategy implementation and performance management”.


In 1994 I decided to fulfill my dream of also working as a peacekeeper. I made my first trip as a platoon commander to Macedonia, and a few years later I was a military observer in the Near East. I value the skills these trips also gave me for my later job career, in terms of a different type of management experience and an international work environment. The latter trip was instructive in many ways also for my family, which was there with me.


I became a vocational teacher in 1989, and at that time I added to my know-how by acquiring a vocational teacher’s qualification. In all I accumulated ten years of work as a vocational teacher. I married Heli in 1990, but we divorced after about 20 years. Naturally, my son born in 1991 and my daughter born in 1994 are the most important things in the world.


I completed my matriculation exams in Pudasjärvi in 1976. In 1982 I graduated as an electrical power engineer from Tampere University of Technology and the same year I started working in an electric company in my home municipality. I have participated in a variety of sports activities since my early youth, and continue to do so even today. In my youth and early adulthood I participated in volleyball and especially orienteering competitions, but nowadays I participate in a variety of fitness activities. The remainder of my leisure time is spent taking care of the ‘Peräkylä residence’, my cherished residence and summer cottage on the bank of Sanginjoki River.


I was born on July 14, 1957 in Kiiminki, but I spent my childhood and youth in Pudasjärvi. That year the world’s first UN peacekeepers did valuable work in support of the solution to the Suez crisis; 450 Finns also participated. Later I was able to continue this tradition elsewhere, but I also had a chance to visit Sinai.

Katja Leinonen – The measure of the woman

Katja Leinonen

  • Quality systems
  • Medical device requirements
  • Risk management
  • Product information management
  • Product liability
  • Environment
  • Chemicals

Katja Leinonen


My prior job career spanned the years 2001–2015. I began work as a Software Designer at Celesta mBusiness Oy in Oulu in 2001. From Celesta I went to Nokia Oyj in 2003, where I spent the first couple of years doing software work and the next ten years doing product research and development work related to mobile phones. On the product side I was a specialist and worked in a variety of process development and project management tasks, where I gained valuable knowledge about the significance of product quality, safety, and product liability. In product design and manufacturing we took into consideration the materials used and the environmental, health, and safety aspects of the materials in light of statutory requirements and the company’s own in-house requirements, all with an eye on a life cycle model. Managing and monitoring products’ conformity to environmental requirements was an essential part of my everyday job description. The last years I was responsible for the company’s implementation and administration of REACH legislation, and I was a specialist in chemical-related occupational health and safety; I was globally responsible for the chemicals used in the company’s R&D units, laboratories, and factories.


I have been married to my husband Jaakko since 2004. We have five great children in our family: two girls born in 2007 and 2009 and three boys born in 2006, 2011, and 2014. I spend my leisure time in fitness activities, primarily crossfit-type activities. Since my children swim, I attended swimming official’s training in the autumn of 2016, and since then I have had an official’s role in swimming competitions.


I completed my matriculation exams in Lohja Upper Secondary School in 1995. That same year I moved to Oulu and began studying data processing at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. A few years later, in 1997, I started chemistry studies at the University of Oulu, and graduated as a Master of Arts in 2002. Most recently I studied in the JavaHealthTech program arranged by the TE Center in 26.9.2016–30.1.2017.


I was born in Lohja on March 14, 1976. The same year the Parliament lowered the voting age in Finland to 18 and Microsoft became a registered trademark in New Mexico.

Esa Kupiainen – The measure of the man

Esa Kupiainen

  • Hospital projects
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Importing
  • Exporting
  • Export funding instruments
  • Delivery chain management
  • Team leadership

Esa Kupiainen


I’ve spend my longest working career at Instrumentarium Oyj Medko Medical. I started as a Project Manager in the autumn of 1993. I was responsible for hospital project implementation, logistics, purchasing agreements, and cooperation with product manufacturers. My work also included on-site development of job site functions and training of local project staff. My first project was the burn trauma hospital in Moscow, where I met enthusiastic Jouni. At Medko Medical I was responsible for the implementation of more than 50 projects in many interesting countries like Russia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, China, Costa Rica, Turkey, and Greece. In 2003 GE Healthcare acquired Instrumentarium and after that my role varied somewhat in different projects. I was still mainly responsible for project implementation, but I also did project sales and financing work. The largest projects at GE were in Sri Lanka, Namibia, and Vietnam. In 2014 GE decided to end project sales in Finland, after which I have worked as an advisor and a consultant in various companies and projects.


Before Instru I worked as a purchaser for Wärtsilä at the Helsinki shipyard and in a project exporting unit that designed a diesel engine plant in Leningrad, Russia. It was the last bilateral project with the Soviet Union. It was a very interesting and instructive project–during the project the Soviet Union disintegrated, the era of bilateral trade ended, and the customer ran out of rubles. As a young, enthusiastic purchaser I received valuable practical knowledge from my older colleagues at Wärtsilä on how things don’t always go according to the textbook.


My wife Erja and I were married in 1985. I have traveled a lot, both in my work and during my leisure time. My goal has been to have visited at least as many countries as I have years of age. Our first-born son was born in 1992 and our daughter, in 1995.


My journey continued from Savitaipale to Lappeenranta, where I served in the army in the time-honored dragoon battalion. I took a Master of Science degree from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management in 1983; my professional subjects were material management and logistics. My Master’s thesis dealt with purchasing functions at Rauma-Repola.


As the son of a merchant family, the places where we lived changed frequently. I completed my matriculation exams in Savitaipale in 1977. At that time I had to end my own career in sports. Before that I won TUL’s A boys’ Finnish championship in the triple jump with a result of 13.54, I ran 100 m in 11.5, and 400 m in 52.1. My dearest sports have always been swimming and biking, and more recently men’s yoga, which has taught me that one doesn’t always need to try with gritted teeth, but that a slower pace also brings results.


I was born in Punkaharju on December 30, 1958. Some of my friends have called me a ‘walking encyclopedia of sports’. Thus, of the events of that year, especially important to me is the world championship skiing competition in Lahti, where Finland won exactly half of the eight gold medals awarded. Pirkko Mannola became Miss Finland that year.

Raija Kilponen – The measure of the woman

Raija Kilponen

  • Radiography
  • Imaging workflow
  • Diagnostics imaging
  • User training
  • Technical and clinical support

Raija Kilponen


When my career at Nokia ended, I decided to take on new challenges in life and began studying in the field of nursing. I was especially interested in imaging, so a degree in radiology was a natural choice for me. I graduated as a radiographer from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the beginning of 2017. At the end of my studies I completed my thesis project for Innomentarium; the topic was segmentation of medical images for 3D printing. That’s how I became familiar with the company, and the decision to begin working at Innomentarium after graduating was easy to make. My radiography studies naturally give me a good base for my work, but it is great to be able to deepen my knowledge of medical imaging and X-ray equipment on such an expert team.


My previous career spanned the years 2000–2012. I started practical training at Nokia Networks in addition to studying. Upon graduating in 2002 I continued my career at Nokia as a testing engineer in mobile phone software development. Later I worked at Nokia in software quality assurance and various software development projects. In my previous career I was able to accumulate well-rounded expertise which has benefited me in my current work with imaging equipment. I worked at Nokia for 10 years until 2012.


My family includes two energetic children born in 2009 and 2011. Since the birth of my first child my leisure time has been filled with typically busy home life in addition to my work and studies. Nevertheless I arrange time for myself in the form of various sports and muzzle therapy; horseback riding, in particular, is one of my most important, long-time hobbies. Sometimes there is a longer pause between visits to the stable, but I still always return to horses.


I matriculated from Kemijärvi Upper Secondary School in 1997. The following year I moved to Oulu, where I started studying data processing at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. From then on I have liked living here in northern Finland’s oldest town. I took a business administration degree in data processing in 2002, after which I entered actual working life as a testing engineer at Nokia; I was a tester in mobile phone software development.


I was born in Kemijärvi on 23.5.1978. The same year history was made in Finland: in September 1978 an airplane was hijacked for the first time in this country. A well-known businessman from my current hometown hijacked a Finnair passenger flight on the way from Oulu to Helsinki. Luckily the event ended without anyone getting hurt. Later on a movie was made of that event.

Pekka Välimäki – The measure of the man

Pekka Välimäki

  • Mammography business development
  • Customer relations
  • Sales management
  • Project leadership
  • Digital mammography imaging

Pekka Välimäki


Jouni Ihme and I have worked together a long time already; we have known each other many years back through different connections, and we are both familiar with doing collaborative work in the health technology environment. Therefore, my decision to join Innomentarium’s team of specialists was an easy one. Officially I began my work as manager of Innomentarium’s mammography business in January 2018, but in practice I have worked in the project in the background for about a year, already.

My role is really interesting, since it enables the development of a new business area for Innomentarium. Naturally my new position includes many challenges and plenty of work, but regardless of my long and broad experience I believe I will also be able to learn something new.


In 2006 I established my own company, Clockfactory Oy, where I worked as a consultant in jobs and projects in many different companies, also in the medical field. The projects were connected to the companies’ strategy work, development of their management team’s work in Finland and abroad, production ramp-ups in Finland and abroad, R&D project management, creation of quality systems, and various internationalization projects. In addition to my own company’s work I also took part in the operation of a few startup companies as an owner and as a developer of business operation. I have also been a board member in several companies.

Since my youth I have always been good at keeping myself busy. To offset the hectic business world and everyday work, however, my life has always also included a well-rounded range of sports activities, treks in nature, and all types of building. I especially enjoy boating at sea, where I feel I can relax and forget my daily hurries the best. I have three grown-up sons with whom I naturally spend my leisure time.


I began working in health technology in 2000, when I started working as the operative manager of Instrumentarium’s X-ray division. In practice I was responsible for the production, finances, human resources, R&D, and quality of the company’s Finnish plant that designed and manufactured X-ray equipment. Later (in 2003) the company’s name was changed to GE Healthcare as a result of a merger, but my role as production manager continued as a part of GE Healthcare’s global functions.


Later I moved from my hometown, Lapua, to pursue my studies in Espoo. I took a Master of Sciences in Electrical Technology degree from the Technological University of Finland in Otaniemi in 1984. I entered working life that same year; upon graduating I went to work at Fiskars—which today is the oldest company still in operation in Finland. I was able to broadly develop my know-how at Fiskars, as I worked in a variety of positions in the company: product marketing, project management, and R&D management, to name a few. My career at Fiskars lasted 16 years and also included much traveling (about 25 countries), and I also did international stints in England and Germany, for example.


I was born in Lapua on February 6, 1957, the 40th year of Finland’s independence. That same year the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite, into orbit around the earth. The satellite stayed in orbit for three months. The event is considered to be the start of the space age—the period during which man began to operate in outer space.