Our mission is to achieve better healthcare for all people through our services, products, and solutions. Despite the fact that the company is still in its early stage of growth, Innomentarium has tens of years’ experience in the Healthtech and Medical field globally. This strong expertise has been deployed in a fresh, novel way to serve you as a professional healthcare service provider.



Innomentarium’s mission is to provide a wide range of services and products for both private and public healthcare organizations globally. The business is based on the longterm strategy and strong values.

Taking good care of the team who is working with Innomentarium. This can be seen in the welfare of the company and the team spirit of the staff.

Taking good care of customers in all situations, especially when things do not go like in the movies. This can be seen in daily operations as good and flexible service.

Maintaining open and transparent communication with organizations, customers, stakeholders, and owners— regularly and in all circumstances.

Business is based on long-term and flexible strategic thinking and developing customer relationships, products, services, and operations. This enables sustainable, profitable operation that offers a reasonable annual return on investment to the shareholders of the company.

Strong entrepreneurship and open, independent ownership enables long-term investments in research and development of products and services. An open and fair ownership strategy takes care of shareholders rights allowing reasonable return on theirs’ investments to the company.

The company complies with corporate governances, good accounting practices, and laws while respecting its customers, employees, and shareholders in all daily operations and long-term business.