Our vision is to offer all people the possibility to know the physiological condition of their own heart and thereby prevent premature deaths caused by heart failure. To this end we are developing state-of-the-art imaging technology employing a novel approach to cardiac examinations. We begin with the well-being of ordinary people and their natural desire to affect the quality of their own life.

In the late 1990s a 65-year-old man who had done physical work all his life and had taken care of his own health began to complain of rapid exhaustion and shortness of breath under stress. He was examined with several methods but none indicated that he may have a heart problem. Nevertheless his ailments continued, and finally, under pressure from his family, he was referred to the hospital for an angiogram. The man went directly from the angiogram to the operating table, where seven bypasses were done. Today the man is 84 years old and in the prime of his life. He does forestry work daily and enjoys life. Without the correct diagnosis and the necessary measures, the situation would be different. He is my father, Pekka Ihme.

We heart.

Jouni Ihme, Managing Director


We are looking for the latest technology for diagnostic imaging—even technology which is not commonly used yet. Although we are a young company, we have behind us decades of experience with conventional X-ray imaging, radiological imaging, and the newest MR and nuclear medicine imaging methods. We want to develop our service concept according to our customers’ needs, in collaboration with hospital professionals.

Our goal is to develop an advanced, functional service concept and include within it products that enhance healthcare. This service concept includes importing, sales and marketing, and equipment life cycle support services like training, ramp-ups, maintenance, spare parts, and product support. We are mapping needs in the imaging sector in collaboration with the sector’s experts, such as radiologists, radiographers, and physicists. If you are a health sector professional and you realize you are missing something you can’t obtain through current channels, put us to work and we’ll search for the product for you.

We are looking for products, world-leading technologies, and brands to partner with us in Finland, Estonia, and Scandinavia. If you are searching for a reliable, enthusiastic retail dealer, contact us!