An affordable and ecological choice to digital mammography

Innomentarium FeniX

The core values in all our operations are the Customer and Sustainability. Our FeniX solution was created in line with our values. As its name suggests, we enable rebirth – while respecting the traditions and roots.

FeniX is the result of a long-term R&D project; traditional analog mammography system receive a new heart thanks to our direct digital technology solution. Thanks to usability studies carried out during the development project, old machines using direct digital technology are easy to use and safe – for both the end user and the patient.

The compatibility of the original device with the direct digital detector is ensured. Excellent image quality with low radiation doses has been clinically tested and validated. FeniX naturally meets all the standards and requirements for medical devices. A lifecycle promise is given for the whole system. The cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the solution demonstrate responsibility.

Innomentarium Fenix was born.

Jouni Ihme,  CEO, founder

Benefits of direct digital imaging

According to studies, digital mammography increases breast cancer detection for more than 14% comparing to the traditional methods. Every tumour found during screening gives a chance at a new life. In Finland, more than 90% of the cancers found can be treated.

Direct digital imaging brings a lot of other advances too. It does not require image plates or scanners, making the imaging process more effective and cheaper to maintenance.

FeniX is an affordable way into the direct digital mammography. It is also an ecological choice because there is no need to scrap the functioning device you are using.

Switch to direct digital effortlessly

The FeniX solution is an easy way to switch to direct digital mammogram imaging using existing familiar mammograph device. Radiographers have given a lot of positive feedback on the easy-to-use workstation software. Workflow also speeds up when you don’t need to read each image plate separately. The images go directly to the workstation screen where the image quality can be assessed – and from there it goes to the image archive with just one click of a mouse.

In terms of usability, the FeniX solution is equivalent to using a direct digital device. Product development has been carried out together with customers, with a special focus on ease of use.

It takes just one working day to install and deploy FeniX. Direct digital imaging can be started the next day in connection with user training. User friendly support is provided remotely after installation – according to our Customer value.


A comprehensive solution for direct digital mammography
  • Inspection and maintenance of your existing machine
  • Digitization of your equipment with the FeniX solution
  • Workstation computer and high quality display
  • Interface to the customer’s PACS and RIS systems
  • User training
  • Customer support
  • Service contract for the entire life cycle of the equipment

Why FeniX?

  • Affordable choice
  • Clinically tested quality
  • Extend the lifecycle of your current equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Direct digital speeds up process
  • Sustainable, ecological

FeniX solution

We have decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of mammography machines. FeniX solution has been developed using this knowhow and with commitment into our vision for better imaging.

Integration of your existing device with the new direct digital technology is tested and validated during the product development process. This ensures a good image quality with low doses of radiation. With the solution developed by Innomentarium, direct digital mammography is done in the same familiar way as before, with no extra switches or setups. The parameters required for quality monitoring are transferred directly from the device into the workstation software.

The imaging software is easy to use in your local language. The workstation is connected to the customer’s RIS and PACS systems. The delivery includes a powerful workstation computer and a high-quality, high-resolution display. The commissioning of the FeniX solution includes thorough user training. The training is provided at the customer’s premises using hardware that is familiar to the customer and which has been updated to digital. The customer will continue to receive support in the use of the system as needed.

Technical specifications:

Detector size : 24 x 30 cm
Detector type : Csl
Pixel size: 76 μm
Resolution: 3012 x 3840
User interface language: Finnish, English

– Instrumentarium/GE Performa and Alpha
– Planmed Sophie and Nuance Classic
– Siemens Mammomat 3000 and Nova

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