An affordable and ecological choice to digital mammography

Performa enters the digital age

The analog mammography machines – Alpha, Performa and Diamond – developed by Instrumentarium Corporation are well-known for their ease of use and high quality. Innomentarium has now developed a FeniX solution for updating these machines to the new era – to the digital age. Reliably and without compromising the quality, extending the lifecycle of machines for years to come by, with decades of experience.

Innomentarium FeniX

Customer satisfaction and Responsibility are our core values. We have strictly adhered to these values when creating the FeniX. As the name also implies, something was reborn – yet showing respect for traditions and the original.

FeniX is the result of a substantial development project in which the Performa mammography machine received a new heart in the form of a direct digital detector. Additionally, Performa’s joints are lubricated and its condition is checked from top to toe. Thanks to the usability studies conducted during the development project, the digitally updated Performa imaging system is easy-to-use, safe and effective – both for the radiographers and for the patients.

The full integration of Performa and Alpha with the direct digital detector has been verified and the image quality has been clinically tested. The new solution meets all necessary standards and requirements. The cost-effectiveness and ecology of the design highlight responsibility.

Innomentarium Fenix was born.

Jouni Ihme,  CEO, founder

Affordable way to digital

Fenix is an effortless solution for converting the Performa and Alpha mammography equipment to the new era – direct digital mammography. The user interface of the new workstation application and software is easy to use and fully integrated with Performa, which helps the radiographers to learn to operate with it quickly and smoothly. The imaging workflow is more efficient as image plates are no longer separately read – the images are automatically transferred to the workstation display for image quality evaluation. Images are transferred to the image archive with only one click.


A comprehensive solution for our customers’ satisfaction
  • Condition check and maintenance of Performa/Alpha
  • Digitizing the machine
  • Ensure the compatibility
  • Workstation computer and high quality display included
  • Direct interface with the customer’s RIS and PCS systems
  • User training and customer support
  • Maintenance contract optional

Why FeniX?

  • Cost-effective
  • Clinically tested quality
  • Extends the life cycle of your current machine
  • Easy to operate

FeniX solution

A condition check and basic maintenance work of your current mammography machine is done applying decades of experience with Alpha’s, Performa’s, and Diamond’s technology. A service contract ensures the life cycle of your machine for years ahead.

Your current unit is integrated with state-of-the-art direct digital technology in cooperation with the original manufacturer. This ensures high image quality with low radiation dose. With the solution developed by Innomentarium, direct digital imaging takes place in the same familiar way as before, without any extra switches or settings. Parameters needed for quality control are sent directly from the machine to the workstation application.

The imaging workflow software is easy to use. The workstation is connected to your existing RIS and PACS systems. The package contains the workstation computer and a high-quality, high-resolution display. The ramp-up of the FeniX solution includes comprehensive user training. The training is arranged at your own premises with your familiar equipment that has been converted to direct digital operation. Customer support is also provided.

Technical data:

Detector size : 24 x 30 cm
Detector type : Csl
Pixel size: 76 μm
Resolution: 3012 x 3840
User interface language: Finnish, English

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