Vision for Better Imaging!


Vision for Better Imaging!

Innomentarium is privately owned Finnish health-tech company that was established in 2010, business activities initiated in 2014. Even though we are a young company, we have decades of experience in the health-tech business and medical imaging. We have harnessed the knowhow to research and develop new ways of imaging to create qualified and affordable solutions to medical imaging professionals. The company is based in Finland, Oulu University Hospital campus having branch office in Helsinki.

The Core Team

Jouni Ihme, Bsc, eng.
CEO, founder

1989 – 1993
Instrumentarium Oyj
1994 – 2013 Innokas Medical Oy
2014 – Innomentarium Oy

Raija Kilponen, Radiographer, BSc (ICT)
Product manager, Medical Imaging

2002 – 2012 Nokia Mobile Phones
2013 – 2017 University of Applied Sciences
2017 – Innomentarium Oy

Angelos Fylakis, D.Sc. (Tech)
Head of Research and development

2018 – 2022 Mikronix Oy
2022 – Innomentarium Oy

Aleksi Yrttiaho, M.Sc (Tech) in Biomedical Engineering).
Software developer

2022 – 2023 Mikronix Oy
2024 – Innomentarium Oy

Board of Directors

More than 100 years of health-tech expertise


The board has a solid and diverse experience in global healthtech business and medical imaging.

From left Mr. Jouni Ihme, CEO, Founder and Chairman, Mr. Folke Lindberg, Mr. Jouni Pohjonen, Mr. Hannu Ahjopalo, Senior Advisor.

Quality Policy

Our products fulfill all the clinical image quality requirements and regulative demands according to international standards. Our products are safe and easy to use and glandular doses of them are limited as low as possible for the patients best. We are committed to give the best service to our customers and always exceed their expectations.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to create new innovations into medical imaging to detect diseases early enough for efficient treatments. For the health of the ordinary people.


Our mission is to research, develop and produce qualified and affordable medical imaging solutions to radiology professionals in all over the world. We have committed to maintain and support our products in long term relationships with the customers.

Our Values

The business is based on long-term strategy and strong values as follows.

We take good care of our team and our customers in all situations, especially when things do not go as planned. This can be seen in daily operations as a good team spirit, flexible service and happy customers.

Maintaining open and transparent communication with organizations, customers, stakeholders, and owners— regularly and in all circumstances.

Sustainable and profitable operations that make it possible to invest in the future and provide a reasonable annual return on investment to the company’s shareholders.

Strong entrepreneurship and open, independent ownership enable long-term investments in research and development of operations, products and services.

We comply with corporate governance, good accounting practices, and laws while respecting our customers, employees, and shareholders.

How It All Started


In the late 1990s, a 60-year-old man who had done physical work all his life and had taken care of his health began to complain of rapid exhaustion and shortness of breath under stress. He was examined with several methods but none indicated that he may have a heart problem. Nevertheless his ailments continued, and finally, under pressure from his family, he was referred to the hospital for an angiogram. The man went directly from the angiogram to the operating table, where seven bypasses were done. Today the man is 89 years old and in the prime of his life. He does forestry work daily and enjoys life. Without the correct diagnosis and the necessary measures, the situation would be different. He is my father, Pekka Ihme.

We research new X-ray technologies and algorithms to image arteries without using contrast agents. Our target is to create technology that can be used both in cardiovascular imaging and other soft tissue modalities.


Innomentarium is a health technology company that was originally founded by Jouni Ihme in March 2008. In the inital phase, it functioned as a holding company during his former company’s Innokas Medical ownership restructuring at that time.

“Innokas Medical is the company I established in 1994 and run 20 years having 23M€ revenue and 200 healthtech professionals when I left the company. In 2008 we had a challenging situaton to rearrange the ownership of the company. Actually Innomentarium was established in the forest, in the middle of nowhere in Sarajärvi where I was born. While doing forest work, I was thinking the way to find out the solution in the situation, for the best of the company and its staff’s future. So, originally Innomentarium was born in the tight circumstances to survival. I’m sure it will be seen in the company’s future when we are building our story, as a persistence and innovativeness. In 2010 the holding company’s name was changed to Innokas Yhtymä, officially Innokas Group in English. At the time I wanted to protect the Innomentarium name, so a new company was founded, which became our current Innomentarium,” explains the company’s founder, Jouni Ihme.

“Big changes in my life happened at the end of 2013 when I left Innokas. Long journey from start up to successful and international healthtech company had ended for me. Big changes in your life create also opportunities to do something new. So it made it possible to start to ramp up operations in Innonentarium at the beginning of 2014,” Ihme continues.

The company is built on decades of experience in the international health technology business and medical imaging expertise. “Our passionate goal is to bring additional quality into ordinary people’s lives using novel imaging technologies. In practice that enable better diagnoses and examinations of diseases that have a dramatic impact on people’s health. That can be done in close collaboration with top universities, clinical experts and together with our network of medical imaging professionals,” Ihme continues.

Jouni Ihme, CEO