Innomentarium Oy was founded to create well-being

Innomentarium is a health technology company that was originally founded in March 2008. In the initial phase it functioned as a holding company during Innokas Medical Oy’s ownership restructuring and it bought 80.8% of Innokas Medical Oy’s shares from the capital investors at that time. “In 2010 the holding company’s name was changed to Innokas Yhtymä Oy, officially Innokas Group in English. At the time I wanted to protect the Innomentarium name, so a new company was founded, which became the current Innomentarium Oy,” explains the company’s founder, Jouni Ihme. “Until now Innomentarium has functioned as the publisher of a few theses and historical reviews. Big changes in my own life situation late last year made it possible to really begin ramping up operations in the beginning of 2014,” Ihme continues.

The company is built on decades of experience in the international health technology sector and Finnish healthcare. “We sincerely want to share this experience to benefit the network of startup and growth companies and other actors in the health technology sector,” Ihme says. Indeed, the company’s first product is comprised of specialist services that address the needs of healthcare companies and organizations, in particular. “Another passionate goal is to bring additional quality into ordinary people’s lives by means of novel imaging technologies that enable better diagnoses and examinations of diseases that have a dramatic impact on people’s health,” Ihme continues.