Innomentarium participated in radiology field events in Tampere and Oulu

Innomentarium participated in two radiology field events in the spring and autumn of 2015. Innomentarium took part in the Radiography Days in Tampere and the RUV Days in Oulu, where the company gave an overview of its operation and current product repertoire.

The Radiography Days are an annual nationwide event that offers lectures, education, and hospital visits to specialists in the field of medical imaging. The event also includes an exhibition area where the sector’s companies showcase the latest innovations in the field. Innomentarium participated in the Radiography Days arranged in Tampere on May 6–7, 2015. Jouni Ihme, Innomentarium’s CEO, hosted the company’s stand at the event. He was satisfied with the fruitful exhibition days and feels the event is important for the sector’s specialists, but also for companies operating in the field.

“This was the first time we partook in the event. Innomentarium’s stand had plenty of visitors, and the atmosphere at the event was upbeat. I felt the event was very beneficial and fruitful for someone working in this field, because it allows a person to keep in touch with developments and trends related to radiography. One of the main themes of the days was native imaging; the related lectures were particularly interesting because the topic is also closely connected to Innomentarium’s operation”, explains Ihme, referring to the native X-ray device in Innomentarium’s product selection.

The RUV (Radiologiaa – New and Old) event was arranged in Oulu on September 17–18, 2015. The RUV Days were jointly arranged by Oulu University Hospital’s radiology clinic and the University of Oulu’s radiology clinic. The RUV Days are continuing education days in radiological diagnostics, radiological methods and equipment, quality management in radiology, and current topics on radiation safety. The event is intended especially for general practice and specialized physicians, X-ray nurses, engineers, physicists, as well as other people working with imaging or studying in the field. In addition to the education program, the event included exhibition space where Innomentarium, for one, presented its products and operation.

“During the RUV Days space was reserved in the lobby of Oulu’s Music Center for an exhibit in the field of imaging. The education program of the event was rather loosely scheduled to give the visitors time to also take a look at the exhibit. We met many interesting contacts at the event, and we have considered participating in the event again in the future”, says Ihme.

The next Radiology Days will be arranged in Turku on May 4–5, 2017 and the next RUV Days will be held in Oulu on September 14–152017.