Roesys’s native X-ray device family expands

Innomentarium entered into a distributorship agreement with German company Roesys in 2014 concerning sales and marketing of the company’s X-ray devices in Finland. Roesys is a device manufacturer specialized in radiography; its X-ray devices are used in hospitals in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Roesys’s devices represent state-of-the-art direct digital technology, and much emphasis has been placed on user-friendliness already during the design phase.

Innomentarium has been able to now add Roesys’s cost-efficient X Fit device to its product selection, also. It is an cost-efficient native X-ray device with a fixed imaging table that is suitable also for small rooms. The device can be used for all basic examinations with the patient lying down, sitting, or standing. The pillar design installed on the floor makes the device quick and easy to install and use — and it does not require fixed installations on the ceiling or wall. The unit’s X-ray tube is situated in the pillar and it is easy to focus via a user-friendly control panel. The focal length and the distance to the detector can be seen on the control panel’s display. The detector is also installed in the vertical pillar, so its height and position are easy to adjust. The standard assembly has a wireless direct digital detector with an active area of 355 mm x 432 mm.

For more information about the device, please contact:

Matti Olsen, Director in Sales and Marketing, Innomentarium Oy

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