Innomentarium tiny business is growing in 2016

Innomentarium managed to increase its turnover in 2016. The income statement of fiscal year 2016 shows the revenue of 221.660 and operating profit 18.623 euros.

“The growth 67,4 % is huge but still we are a small company”, says Innomentarium’s CEO Jouni Ihme.

The most of sales comes from advisory services the company has offered to healthtech companies and different kind of institutes in the business. Due to increasing need from customers Innomentarium team has been strengthen during the year, when Mr. Jouni Rajavaara started to work at Innomentarium in April 2016.

Innomentarium join the creative medical imaging research consortium

The most remarkable investment in 2016 was to collect together the research project to study tomosynthesis imaging algorithms and multienergy detector technology. The project is remarkable step in Innomentariums vision to develop new ways of medical imaging.

The project will focus on cardiac imaging and its target is to develop a method to screen coronary arteries finding out calcium and soft issue blagues to prevent sudden heart attacks. The project extends the collaboration with Helsinki University since 2014 and new partner will join in to the research consortium is University of Oulu, University hospital of Oulu and Oulu Polytechnic.

“The project is big step to Innomentarium and we are happy to join amongst the top universities to research and develop totally new way of medical imaging. Although the commercial product from medical research project can be seen after long term work years and years from now on, I’m sure that studies will bring some ideas that can be spin-off as the innovations sooner”, Ihme comments.

The project will be run by University of Oulu.

Innomentarium leased facilities from the University Hospital campus, Kontinkangas

Additionally, Innomentarium moved in to new premises during the year,l in to address Aapistie 1, 90220 Oulu. Facilities locates in the house of Institute of Occupational Health nearby Kontinkangas medical faculty of university, university hospital and university of applied sciences.

“The location is the best for Innomentarium kind of company because we are now in the heart of medical and health tech research and education. I believe in a good collaboration with universities and hospital we can create new innovations to the global markets. I hope other local healthtech companies will find the place so that we could collect together a kind of cluster of medical actors”, Ihme says.

At the end of the fiscal year 2016 Innomentarium had three employees.

More information about the company, please contact:

Jouni Ihme, CEO at Innomentarium: or +358 400 689 824