Raija Kilponen joins Innomentarium’s network of advisors

Innomentarium’s team acquired new skills when Raija Kilponen joined Innomentarium’s network of advisors. Kilponen is an ICT and imaging professional and, together with the company’s sales team, will be responsible for selling the X-ray equipment marketed by Innomentarium.

“I’m still a relatively new face at Innomentarium, as I just joined the team in the beginning of June, but I have really liked being here these first few weeks. My job is diversified and interesting, and my new colleagues have welcomed me warmly,” Kilponen commented on her new job at Innomentarium.

Her title is Product Manager and her tasks primarily consist of marketing and selling the X-ray equipment of Innomentarium’s partners. Innomentarium’s product selection currently includes, among others, German company Roesys’s high-quality X-ray equipment that utilizes state-of-the-art direct digital technology.

“Innomentarium entered a retailing contract with Roesys already in 2014, and since then the company has been responsible for marketing and sales of their imaging equipment in Finland. I have now joined Innomentarium’s sales team as Project Manager, so together with our Sales & Marketing Director Matti Olsen I’m responsible for retailing Roesys’s X-ray equipment in Finland,” she explains.

Kilponen took a business administration degree in data processing in 2002, after which she was employed as a tester in mobile phone software development at Nokia until 2012. Then she began studying to become a radiographer, and she has recently graduated with this new profession.

“When my career at Nokia ended I decided to take on new challenges in life and began studying in the field of nursing. I was especially interested in imaging, so a degree in radiology was a natural choice for me. Near the end of my studies I completed my thesis project for Innomentarium; the topic was Segmentation of medical images for 3D printing. That’s how I became familiar with the company, and the decision to begin working at Innomentarium after graduating was easy to make,” says Kilponen.

Kilponen, who spends her leisure time in a variety of sports, horseback riding, and with her family, is excited about her new challenges at Innomentarium. She feels the tasks related to imaging are the best part of her work; they allow her to develop her own expertise and promote Innomentarium’s growth as a company.

“Although based on the year of its establishment Innomentarium is still a young company, the team behind it has tens of years of robust experience in radiological imaging, traditional X-ray imaging, and modern magnetic and isotope imaging methods. My radiography studies naturally give me a good base for my work, but it is great to be able to deepen my knowledge of medical imaging and X-ray equipment on such an expert team,” she ponders.

“It is also great to be able to join the company’s operation now, when it is relatively new, since I feel I will be able to concretely contribute to Innomentarium’s growth and future success. This also motivates me in my new job, so I enthusiastically await the future as Innomentarium’s employee,” Kilponen concludes.

Welcome to Innomentarium’s team, Raija!