Innomentarium establishes the office in Helsinki

Innomentarium has leased the office from former Instrumentarium building in Helsinki, Kuortaneenkatu 2. In the same building is GE Healthcare Finland headquarters and the Finnish Health Innovation Village having tens of healthtech companies in the same location.

”Agreement with the biggest healthcare project company Vamed Gmbh gave us a good reason to land in Helsinki, which is near to international healthtech markets. From there we can serve our customers both in Finland and abroad in more agile and flexible ways”, says Innomentarium’s CEO Jouni Ihme.

Mr. Esa Kupiainen, the Head of Hospital Projects, and Mr. Pekka Välimäki, the Director of Technology of Medical Imaging will have theirs location in Innomentarium’s Helsinki office.

“It is also easier to me to have base in Helsinki when I’m visiting our customers and collaborators in southern part of Finland. There are also much more better connections to abroad from Helsinki”, Ihme says and continues:

”This is a big step for small company, but we believe it brings a lot of good things to Innomentarium and its customers via closer collaboration.”

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