Innomentarium’s growth continues in 2017

Innomentarium managed to increase its turnover again in 2017. The income statement of fiscal year 2017 shows revenue of 330.677 and operating profit 7.640 euros.

“The growth 48,6 % sounds great but still we are a small company. Export was more than 20 % of total revenue due to hospital project activities and shows the company’s capability to operate in the international healthtech markets”, says Innomentarium’s CEO Jouni Ihme.

The most of sales comes still from advisory services. The team of Innomentarium were strengthened with Mr. Esa Kupiainen, who runs the hospital project business, Mrs. Katja Leinonen having responsibilities in regulatory and quality affairs and Mrs. Raija Kilponen, who started as Product Manager of Medical Imaging solutions. Remarkable step for small company was to establish a brand office in Helsinki in the summer of 2017.

R&D investments are increasing

The R&D investments in medical imaging has continued in 2017. The research project for multienergy detector technology and tomosynthesis algorithms get a remarkable TEKES CHALLENGE FINLAND research funding and Innomentarium’s CEO Jouni Ihme were nominated as a chairman of the steering group of the project. Innomentarium spin-offed the project to develop a novella solution to digitize analogue mammography devices that are in use in clinics. Innomentarium get TEKES TEMPO funding for studying the business potential and commercialization of an idea.

“The product development project for DR mammo solution is a challenging for small company, but we have extremely strong network providing the technology and supporting clinical evidence for final solution. The project will be funded mainly by company’s own cashflow which makes it exciting, but we believe it can be done. We are waiting to launch the solution to the markets by the end of 2018”, Ihme tells.

By the end of fiscal year 2017 Innomentarium had five employees.

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