Old Frames, New Technology – Mehiläinen Vaasa invests in ecological and sustainable development

FeniX, Innomentarium’s mammography machine digitization solution, was launched in late 2018. At the same time, the first clinical customer pilot was installed for trial use in the medical center of Mehiläinen Vaasa . The user experiences were excellent, so today the machine is used in their everyday care work at the clinic of Mehiläinen Vaasa .

Text: Elina Rautiola
Photos: Heidi Järvi, Seppälän valokuvaamo, Vaasa

The Alpha, Performa and Diamond analog mammography machines developed by Instrumentarium Corporation in Finland are known for their ease of use and high quality.  Innomentarium has now developed and launched a solution that makes it possible to upgrade the machines to the present era – reliably and without compromising on quality.

“This has been a long-term product development project, and the result is the FeniX”, says Jouni Ihme, CEO of Innomentarium.

“Our goal was to enable the use of the analog mammography solutions developed by Instrumentarium for years to come by upgrading the machines to the digital age. Fenix was launched late last year, and the first feedback from customers has been encouraging”, he continues.

The image quality and radiation doses of the equipment that utilizes this direct digital technology have been clinically tested during the product development project, and they have been found to be equivalent to the levels of a commercially available direct digital mammography machine.  Innomentarium’s digitization solution also naturally complies with all the necessary standards and requirements for medical devices.

New technology, old frames

The first clinical customer pilot of FeniX was installed in the medical center of Mehiläinen in Vaasa in the autumn of 2018.  The medical center was using the Performa analog mammography machine developed by Instrumentarium, which now operates with the new direct digitalization technology inside the old frame.

“We had budgeted to buy a new digital mammography machine. However, after hearing about Innomentarium’s solution we began to reconsider the need to buy a new machine because with FeniX our existing device could be upgraded to the digital age. Compared with purchasing an entirely new machine, Innomentarium’s FeniX was also a lower priced option – without having to compromise on quality at all”, says Tamara Koskimies, Unit Director of Mehiläinen Vaasa.

“In addition, the upgrading of existing equipment makes FeniX an ecological solution, which is a value in itself for us. In our opinion, consideration of the environmental aspect and ecological sustainability is also important in the health care sector and in future procurements.  We have to remember that a circular economy, sustainable development, and green values mean responsibility for the environment. Innomentarium’s solution serves this mindset excellently”, continues Koskimies.

The imaging unit of the medical center of Mehiläinen Vaasa was able to start using the new solution with no difficulty. Innomentarium simply serviced and upgraded the old machine, and performed the digitization on site in Vaasa. Imaging Team Supervisor Frida Norren says the radiographers are satisfied with the new solution, which speeds up their workflow.

“With FeniX our daily workflow has sped up considerably. The actual imaging process is much more nimble since it is no longer necessary to separately read or manually archive transport imaging plates thanks to the digitalization of the machine”, says Norren and continues:

“The new software of the machine is also easy and quick to start using because it is designed to be truly user friendly.”

Thanks to its good experiences, the Mehiläinen Vaasa medical center continued using the machine after the trial period and piloting that were granted to them. Mr. Ihme is naturally very pleased about the good and encouraging customer feedback.  

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Mehiläinen Vaasa . It has been a great stepping stone in Finland and encourages us to look for similar opportunities also in other countries. We are really excited! And the best part of this work is the positive feedback from Customers, it is for them that we develop these new innovations.” concludes Mr. Ihme.