Mammography training at Tampere University of Applied Sciences enters the digital age

FeniX, the digitization solution of Instrumentarium’s Alpha and Performa mammography machines, was launched at the end of last year. The degree programme in radiography and radiotherapy at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences also received the direct digital equipment this spring. They have been pleased with the cost-effective and ecological innovation of Innomentarium.

Innomentarium has developed and launched a solution that makes it possible to upgrade analog Instrumentarium/GE Alpha and Performa mammography to the digital age cost-effectively. It is also an ecological alternative designed to facilitate the daily work of radiographers and students in both clinics as well as schools.

“In addition to being cost-efficient and ecological, FeniX is an easy solution for our customers, enabling them to easily switch to direct digital mammography using familiar Finnish devices,” explains the founder of Innomentarium Jouni Ihme.

“FeniX also significantly streamlines the workflow of radiographers because image quality assessment and archiving are done digitally instead of manually changing image plates like before”, he continues.

The image quality and radiation doses of equipment that utilizes direct digital technology have been clinically tested during the product development project, and they have been found to be equivalent to the levels of a new direct digital mammography machine.  Innomentarium’s digitization solution also naturally complies with all the necessary standards and requirements for medical devices.

The radiography and radiotherapy training of Tampere University of Applied Sciences is also going digital

The FeniX solution was introduced in the radiography and radiotherapy training at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences this spring. TUA was using the Alpha analog mammography machine developed by Instrumentarium that now operates with the new direct digitization technology inside a new casing.

“It is very important to us to be able to teach our radiography students with modern equipment and that our teaching is thereby up to date. That’s why it was time for us to transition our equipment into the digital age”, says Maire Petäjäjärvi, Head of Degree Programme  in Radiography and Radiotherapy of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.   

“So from a training point of view, the acquisition was very necessary, and FeniX was a cost-effective option compared to purchasing an entirely new machine”, she continues.

Petäjäjärvi explains that it was very easy for the radiography and radiotherapy training department to start using the new solution as Innomentarium handled the maintenance, updating and digitalization on site in Tampere.

 “In addition to an agile installation, we received comprehensive and clear commissioning training from the Innomentarium team. We are particularly pleased that the workstation software is easy to use, which makes it easier and faster to teach students to use the equipment”, she continues.

Petäjäjärvi believes that FeniX will make the radiography and radiotherapy students of TAMK even more prepared to enter the working world because it enables students to work with modern equipment. Petäjäjärvi wishes to thank the Innomentarium team for its brilliant innovation and excellent collaboration.

“We have been very satisfied with our cooperation with the Innomentarium’s expert team. We can highly recommend the use of Fenix to our colleagues in other educational institutions as well – the innovation makes it possible to transition to modern technology in a cost-effective, ecological and effortless way”, she concludes.

Maire Petäjäjärvi and Raija Kilponen from Innomentarium in the picture.
Maire Petäjäjärvi and Raija Kilponen from Innomentarium in the picture.