Thank you for the past year and Merry Christmas!

Christmas is approaching and 2020 will soon come to an end. Thus, it’s time to settle down to celebrate Christmas with your family and loved ones.

Christmas is traditionally a season of giving. Innomentarium wanted to share the Christmas spirit in the form of charity work to the Pink Ribbon campaign of the Cancer Foundation Finland. The campaign is doing extremely important work in supporting cancer patients and their loved ones. They’re also financing cancer research with the aim that no-one should lose their life to Cancer. I believe our whole staff felt like this was a gift of good cheer and I encourage other companies to do the same, especially during the Christmas season.

2020 has been extraordinary year for all of us. Hardly anyone could predict how dramatically COVID-19 will influence in our lives and businesses. Especially in our case bringing new innovation available to every mammography clinic has been extremely difficult. Despite the difficult times we are still alive and survived, thanks to the customers who have trust us giving new installations to be done in theirs clinics. Special thanks belong also to our team that has put a lot of effort in to customer support and development to make us even more ready to serve our customers when borders will open again.

With this Christmas message, I want to thank our customers, team and partners for the past year, and wish all of you a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2021! Hopefully we can meet you again next year!

Jouni Ihme

CEO, Founder