Thesis about artefacts in mammography imaging

Long term collaboration with Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ Radiography Department delivered again good thesis concerning the artefacts in mammography imaging

Cooperation with universities is important especially for start-up medtech companies. The medical device journey from an idea to commercial product takes time and can last even up to ten years. Collaboration in both clinical and technology research will accelerate this process. It also makes sense for students and researchers to work with companies and be involved in the development of new innovations in the health sector. At best, it can even open up a career in companies. Innomentarium team thanks Oulu University of Applied Sciences for fruitful cooperation!

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Authors: Iisakka Jarkko, Paalimäki-Paakki Karoliina, Jussila Aino-Liisa
Familiarity with artefacts supports image interpretation in mammography

Mammography is a modality of medical imaging, which requires great precision, but is affected by various image artefacts. This article is based on a thesis conducted as a descriptive literature review, which surveys artefacts appearing in the context of four different methods of mammography, as described in academic research articles written in English between 2011 and 2020. The included methods are screen-film mammography (SFM), digital mammography (FFDM), digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and contrast-enhanced digital mammography (CEDM). As a result of the thesis, a total of 63 artefacts were listed. The research material both made passing references to artefacts and described them in more detail. Detailed descriptions were more common in the case of artefacts concerning the two newer methods – tomosynthesis and contrast-enhanced mammography. Investigating source material from before 2011 might yield additional information on artefacts related to the two older methods used in mammography. Sufficient familiarity with artefacts efficiently minimizes their negative effects on mammography examinations.

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