”When imaging is used for screening a large number of people, also the radiation dose will become an important issue. The sensitivity of the detector for radiation is an important parameter that will provide good quality images with a low radiation dose. The FeniX detector showed a very good performance on low tube voltages. This is one indicator of good quality”.

“Resolution is of three main categories, spatial resolution (space), contrast, and time resolution. All these important aspects were taken into consideration while assessing FeniX and the results were positive”.

You can find the abstract of the clinical validation from here.

Timo Liimatainen

Physicist, Ph.D., Docent of university of Oulu

We could not afford to acquire a completely new device within our budget, so the old hardware upgrade through the Innomentarium innovation suited our needs perfectly.

We have been able to enable our students to carry out coursework and theses with modern equipment after upgrading our hardware to the digital era.

Anja Henner

Principal Lecturer at OAMK's radiographer training department

With FeniX our daily workflow has sped up considerably. The actual imaging process is more efficient as it is no longer necessary to separately read or manually archive transport imaging plates thanks to the digitalization of the machine.

The new software of the machine is also easy and quick to start using because it is designed to be truly user-friendly.

Frida Norren

Imaging Team Supervisor, Mehiläinen, Vaasa