Innomentarium started a cooperation with Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the field of medical imaging

Innomentarium and Oulu University of Applied Sciences has signed the agreement to collaborate in the area of radiographer education, product development and research. The agreement consists of digitized Performa device installed in university premises, studies and clinical research with the system and develop the system further getting new features and implementing new ideas in to it.

“We are really happy to start collaboration with the university of applied sciences and want to support education so that students can work with the latest technology in mammography. I expect to have new experts in direct digital medical imaging in wider mean. Hopefully we can see some experts to work also in our company in the future. At least I’m waiting to get several student works and final thesis in the future. I’m sure the collaboration helps also university of applied science to develop theirs education”, comments Innomentarium’s CEO Jouni Ihme.

Using direct digital mammograph device integrated in the PACS and RIS systems brings the students closer with todays hospitals and clinics environment helping them to adapt in to work in practice.

For more information, please contact:

Jouni Ihme, CEO at Innomentarium: jouni.ihme@localhost