Innomentarium FeniX was born!

Innomentarium’s solution FeniX, which has been developed to digitize analogue Performa mammograph devices, has been launched in the market in November 2018. First solution has been installed in the Mehiläinen clinic in Vaasa in October and the feedback from customers has been extremely good.

Innomentarium had an idea of affordable and ecological solution to help customer in to digital mammography Imaging as a spin-off from the big research project with University of Oulu and Helsinki and Oulu Polytechnic. After couple of years of development and R&D investment the solution has been launched in clinical use in November 2018.

”The small Innomentarium team has done a great job and I want to share big thanks to our collaborators in our network as well to make it happen. A lot of effort has been done in to put brand new direct digital technology and traditional Performa mammograph device together. The compatibility has been proven by many clinical and usability validations and technical testes. The final result is success – I believe the customers get really qualified solution in digital mammography with affordable costs”, says relieved CEO of Innomentarium, Jouni Ihme.   

“Our target was to get the solution within half of costs of new DR machine – and we succeeded to do it. We did not want to bargain the quality and safety – the good image quality with low radiation doses has been achieved, clinically proven”, Ihme rejoices.

The solution has been clinically validated by professional physicists and technology has been tested to fulfill all the requirements for medical devices. A lot of effort has been put in to the usability. For example, the imaging parameters are transferred automatically from Performa device in to the workstation software and will be saved with the DICOM image in to the PACS. Due to Innomentarium network amongst the product development and manufacturing of former Instrumentarium Imaging devices, the lifecycle guarantee for Performa device can be promised to customer. It shows the responsibility of taken good care of customers after the deal.

“We focus on long-term collaboration with our customers who use Performa devices equipped with Innomentarium FeniX solution”, Ihme says.

The first installation in Finland

The first FeniX solution has been installed in Finland to the biggest private healthcare service provider, Mehiläinen Oy Vaasa clinic. The feedback from the customer have been extremely good.

“I was really exciting to do first installation of our solution in Mehiläinen Vaasa clinic. The installation itself worked well: we started at the morning and first patients were imaged in afternoon at the same day”, Ihme tells.

Mrs. Raija Kilponen, the Product Manager of Innomentarium, supported the customer at a daily basis at the start to make sure the workflow starts to run from the beginning.

“The feedback we got from the customer has been really good. The image quality is good and they’ve been especially satisfied in usability of the system. Digital process has speeded up theirs work a lot. They have also got rid of CR cassettes and scanners which helps theirs work a lot. User interface experiences have been good as well. It has been great to work close to mammograph professionals getting feedback from them”, Kilponen tells.

Next steps to grow in international markets

Innomentarium’s next step is to grow abroad with the FeniX solution.

“Now we have started in Finland and next installations has been agreed already. Business in Finland looks great”, Ihme tells and continues:

“Our next step is to go abroad and find out former Instrumentarium’s mammograph devices in different countries. First studies have been made and we have recognized a huge potential in international markets.”  

For more info about Innomentarium’s FeniX, please contact:

Jouni Ihme, CEO at Innomentarium:  jouni.ihme@localhost

Raija Kilponen, Product Manager at Innomentarium:  raija.kilponen@localhost