Innomentarium is granted a patent related to a digitization solution for mammography

According to Jouni Ihme, CEO of Innomentarium, the patent gives the company’s FeniX product an important distinguishing feature in the direct digital imaging market.

FeniX, the digitization solution of Innomentarium’s mammography machines, was launched in late 2018 after years of product development. The total service solution built around FeniX includes the digitization of an existing analog mammography unit, which enables breast cancer detection to be performed through direct digital imaging.

“Direct digital technology has significant advantages over traditional analog imaging, which today is done with CR imaging plates. Direct digital image quality is better and is generated with smaller amounts of radiation, which means the customer is exposed to a smaller dose of radiation. At the same time, the overall imaging process is quicker and more agile because CR imaging plates do not have to be scanned and replaced manually,” says Jouni Ihme, CEO of Innomentarium.

A study published at the 2019 RSNA conference showed that direct digital imaging can increase cancer detection by as much as 14% compared to analog imaging.

“The difference is considerable, because in Finland alone, for example, more than 5,000 breast cancers are found in mammography screenings a year. According to the study, hundreds of cancers would not be found if only analog mammography devices were used,” Ihme explains.

“Today, there are several alternatives on the market for direct digital mammography devices with all the benefits listed above. FeniX, which digitizes analog devices, is one of these options. In addition, some direct digital devices utilizing the latest technology also have the possibility of three-dimensional imaging, tomosynthesis,” he continues.

The FeniX solution developed by Innomentarium utilizes the latest detector technology, which is installed in an existing analog mammography unit. The core idea of the solution is not just a high quality detector, but the total technology contained in the solution, which ensures the best possible image quality at low glandular tissue doses – offering a patient-friendly, effortless and easy-to-use solution.

“The patent granted to us is related specifically to the usability of our solution; it makes imaging fast and effortless, as is the case with the latest direct digital devices. Our product development team has been very successful in customer orientation and user-friendliness,” says a happy Ihme.

Today Innomentarium’s FeniX is used in clinical healthcare settings at several private medical centres in Finland. In addition, the equipment is used for educational purposes at several different schools to train radiographers. User experiences and customer feedback have been excellent.

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